"When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money"

Cree Prophecy

Dear all,

My name is Börje Brandt and I live in a small community north of the city of Skelleftea in the Northern part of Sweden. I'm 51 years old. I'm using partial organic and bio-degradable products for my household. I wash off my washing-up before do it and use the wash-water to irrigate my plants. I do so to know how to promote my water cleaning & recycling system for others, thus we don't have any problems with water scarcity here where I live.


I have been working with this water cleaning & recycling solution for a couple of years. The same with the compact housing solution. The compact housing solution is in the size of 25-27 m2 or can be the double size.

I have a full Business plan in English for those who would be interested.

A network around this product is today connected to the future work:

A Professor in land and water resources engineering from KTH (School of Architecture and the Built Environment) in Stockholm and a Professor and a associate professor from the University of Uppsala in air, water and landscape sciences. An associate professor from the University of Linkoping has also committed collaboration with this concept and in the end a researcher from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg has committed to collaborate. Contacts with leading academia and suppliers of membranes, filters etc. and a network of entrepreneurs within natural water cleaning technologies all within Sweden have been established. Contacts have also been established with companies and organizations both domestic and international working world-wide with sustainable and climate change development activities. Contacts are ongoing both domestic and abroad regarding funding activities and potential sites for trials. The inventor is penetrating potential collaborators in UK, USA and India but also in the continent of Africa. And contacts have been established with R&D regarding sensor development activities.

I can be contacted by:

Phone: +46 910 53485 or +46 70 3607580

Mail: [javascript protected email address]

Skype: boerje.brandt

Twitter: Boerje.Brandt

Google+ Börje Brandt

“When the Europeans first came here, Columbus, we could drink out of any river. If the Europeans had lived the Indian way when they came, we’d still be drinking out of the waters, because, the water is sacred, the air is sacred.”

Wisdom from Native American Indians

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