Competence network

A network around this product is today connected to the future work:

A Professor in land and water resources engineering from KTH (School of Architecture and the Built Environment) in Stockholm and a Professor and a associate professor from the University of Uppsala in air, water and landscape sciences. An associate professor from the University of Linkoping has also committed collaboration with this concept and in the end a researcher from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg has committed to collaborate.

Contacts with leading academia and suppliers of membranes, filters etc. and a network of entrepreneurs within natural water cleaning technologies all within Sweden have been established. Contacts have also been established with companies and organizations both domestic and international working world-wide with sustainable and climate change development activities.

Contacts are ongoing both domestic and abroad regarding funding activities and potential sites for trials. The inventor is penetrating potential collaborators in UK,USA and India but also in the continent of Africa. And contacts have been established with R&D regarding sensor development activities.

Interested organizations (NGO's / Govt.) worldwide that want to collaborate:


¤ Ecoadventreks Welfaresociety
¤ Govt. of West Bengal
¤ Ambuja Cement Foundation
¤ Swayam Krishi Sangam - Changing Lives


¤ Association for Humanitarian Development (AHD)


¤ BRIF - Working for People, Peace and Prosperity.


¤ Alliance for African Women Initiative - Ghana
¤ African Rural Sustainable Development Association - ARSDA - Tanzania
¤ Pallisa Community Development Trust (PACODET) - Uganda
¤ Uganda Association for Social and Economic Progress - Uganda
¤ Uganda Rural Community Support Foundation - Uganda
¤ Rural Women Foundation - Nigeria
¤ Foundation For Rural Development (FORUD) - Uganda

Middle East:

¤ Friends of the Earth Middle East - FOEME - Jordan, Palestine and Israel


 New concept of micro compact living combined with water cleaning & recycling system:

The water cleaning & recycling system concept would be suitable for three applications;

One will be new small house cabin settlements, especially for students, young adults, mining staff housing
suppliers among others, another will be single houses and households, summer or country houses situated in regions with water scarcity problems. A third will be eco-villages.

In Sweden and abroad the market will be private customers such as single house and country house owners in regions facing water scarcity such as the Island of Gotland and the archipelagoes, and companies and foundations working to solve housing problems for students and young adults, and also companies working to solve mining staff housing solutions in the northern part of Sweden.

I have also conducted a research in the countries such as Sweden, England and France. In each country there is a major lack or shortage of houses/residents for students and young adults.

In Sweden there are needs of minimum 160.000 new homes for students, young adults among others, so the market is Hugh.

There are major housing shortages in both UK and France and especially for students and young adults. To express the hugh problems; in UK there are today talks about moving people from London to other cities due the lack of houses. “England is facing a "growing housing crisis", according to a report which estimates a shortfall of 750,000 homes by 2025. The country needs to build more homes even if the economy continues to
falter, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) concludes.

On a regional basis the biggest effect would be in London, with a housing gap of 325.000 homes, followed by Yorkshire and Humberside with 151.000 homes too few. We cannot go on as we have done. Britain needs to build more homes. That is not going to happen without a fundamental review of housing policy," said an IPPR director. (Source: BBC News)”

“France has reached an unprecedented housing crisis, with an estimated 3.6 million people living in inadequate or substandard housing while the country lacks some 900.000 accommodations in the publicly-managed ‘social housing rented sector. That was the dire message of the latest yearly report released earlier this month by the Fondation Abbé Pierre, one of France’s leading charitable organizations dedicated to improving housing conditions for the poor, which called on presidential election candidates to sign up to a "social contract" to meet the urgent demand for affordable and decent accommodation (Source: Fondation Abbé Pierre).”

Costs to construct houses in for example Sweden:

In for example Sweden it can cost from 75.000-100.000 SEK/6.670-8.894 GBP/10.437-13.917 USD or
587.460-783.280 INR and upwards to connect a single house sanitation system to a municipal piping system.

To construct a house in for example Sweden, the land area construction costs is around 5.000–6.000 SEK/ 445–534 GBP/696-835 USD/39.143-46.972 INR per square meter construction area. In these calculations there are costs for bury piping systems for sanitation and water among other activities.

I will collaborate with different small compact house and compact house cabin suppliers, together with eco-friendly toilette suppliers and integrate the water cleaning & recycling system in their houses for the benefit of the single house or house cabin lodger lower monthly rents.




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