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Down below you can see some maps showing water shortages! Further down you can see some pictures of women doing walkabaouts to collect water. The more red or dark red it gets the higher is the water shortages or scarcity problems.

I thank the suppliers of these open and published maps showing water stress areas around our world.






Down below the water stress situation for a single country: India.


For people living in developing countries with severe water scarcity and who needs to conduct walkabouts every day and often several times per day to collect water, this system will enable the people and families so they can refill their water supplies just once a week. In that way, the woman of the household (who often is the one who are collecting water) can participate in other productive economic activities and the children can participate in educational activities. Also in developing countries trucks is delivering water to the citizens, but with less reliability due the number of transports on a daily or weekly basis. Sometimes the water trucks come and sometimes they don’t. Often there are indications on corruption, where people higher up in the community levels get the water first.




Observe: Today its not only regions in development countries thats suffers from water shortages. There are today households in western parts of our world with (severe) water scarcity. One example; Several times a day, trucks carrying 4.000 gallons (15.000 liter) delivers treated water to a community called Spicewood Beach in the state of Texas, USA. Spicewood Beach has around 500 homes and 1.100 citizens. The water deliveries cost the responsible agency for the community roughly 6.750 SEK/640 GBP/1.000 USD/52.900 INR per day.

This pic is not from the Spicewood Beach area. Its just representing
the need of water trucks, and that will be a common situation to get
water for households worldwide. Can everybody afford to that?


This image shows a system for developing countries with handpumps to pump the water before use and after use. There is only one water pump and one solar cell panel to this system.


This image shows a system to be used for irrigating crops in greenhouse tunnel tents. The water is recycled instead of evaporating up in the air.



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